January 5, 2018

Why, launch one after the other?
All rockets at once, bigger stronger :)
And, no waste of time!

Barge explodes


January 3, 2018

Interesting Sci-Fi short.

Published by FilmRiot.

December 31, 2017

Just one phrase:
I want one !


Waiting for the 1st Summer Day

December 29, 2017

Currently in the south of France. Very nice But! we are in the middle of winter...
Right now, I really miss sunny warm days. So, waiting for the first day of summer.
In the meatime, always feels good to watch a little uplifting clip :)

Acesori Lens Kit

December 28, 2017

Why spend lots of money for a camera? Unless being a pro and taking hundreds of photos every day.
Most phones and even tablets offer excellent resolution. Plus, always in a pocket or bag, ready to take a photo, and send it to social medias. See something, take a pic, send it. Done!
Why bother with a big, expensive, complicated DLSR camera?
The answer could be one simple word: lens. To be able to change lens, fisheye, wide angle or macro.
Well, not really. I have been using the Acesori 3 lens for quite some time and really like it. They are made of anti-scratch glass with a coating to reduce glare and reflection.

Again, no comparison with DLSR cameras, but in terms of price no comparison either.
I usually carry several tablets and phones in my bag. So, prefer the clip-on version. The other version comes with a magnetic ring to install around the phone or tablet camera lens to switch easily between wide angle, fisheye or macro.
For less than $15, this 3-lens kit makes you thing twice before purchasing a sophisticated and very pricey DLSR camera.

Logitech Circle 2

December 27, 2017

Here is the latest Logitech security camera , the Circle 2.
1080p HD resolution streaming, 256-bit encryption, 180° wide-angle, night vision, motion detection, 2-way audio, pan and tilt adjustment. Android, iOS and web app.
2 versions, one wireless with a 6,400 mAh Li-ion battery for up to 3 months uptime with the possibility to swap the battery, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi
The other, wired with wall socket.
Both are indoor and outdoor waterproof, which is interesting. Home security cameras usually are either indoor or outdoor.

24 hours free on-line storage with a paid option for cloud-based backup. Additional options include, window mount, wall plug mount, additional Li-Ion battery
To be released next month. Will be compatible with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.
I would not be surprised for an upcoming announcement to support Google's voice control...
The wired model is just under $180 and the wireless under $200.