Dash Wand

December 26, 2017

Following the Dash button, here is Amazon's magic wand, the Dash Wand, a small (a few inches long) Wi-Fi voice-controled and magnetic device to order groceries, convert measurements and scan barcodes. Plus, you can query recipies and restaurants.

Now available for free to Prime customers in the US. Once ordered you receive the refund and get a free 90-day trial fo AmazonFresh home grocery service.
Basically, yet another smart way from Amazon to boost on-line sales.

Alexa Call Blocking

December 26, 2017

Amazon has just updated the Alexa mobile app for iOS with version 2.0.2511.
The release a few weeks ago of the new feature for making hands-free VOIP calls to other Echo devices at no cost, and also to call and play phone message drew a lot of criticisms because everybody could call and leave a message. Now, this is fixed for iOS. iPhone users can now selectively block callers. A new update for the Android app should be available in the next few days.

Little bit amazing that this feature was not included in the initial release.
Currently limited to the US. UK, should also get it in the next few weeks.


Darth Vader Toaster

Are you a Star Wars fan? Then, you've got to get the Darth Vader toaster , under $45!
May the toast be with you.

Do not forget the Darth Vader waffle maker , just under $40, and, the salt pepper shakers , the Death Star waffle maker , and the Star Wars kitchen timer , with R2-D2 countdown timer and with rotating head! The R2-D2 measuring cup set , essential to have the Force be with you, especially when measuring ingredients ! While you wear the Darth Vader apron , and you also make some popcorn with the Rogue One Death Star popcorn maker. And, definitely, the pizza cutter lightsaber . That one, you really need to be able to cut pizza slices for your friends, knowing that the Force is with you, while dividing equally! the pizza.
Okay, my shopping basket is full. I stop now.
Oh! No! was going to forget the R2-D2 ceramic teapot , and the BB-8 waffle maker , and the Death Star waffle maker , and...,
Okay, I really have to stop now!

Roli Seaboard

Roli, the maker of modular music system is adding more gears.

More Seaboard blocks. The Seaboard is a touch- and pressure-sensitive keyboard and a MIDI controller, and a new Touch block to add more control features to the Seaboard.


Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70

Perfect Hi-Res pocket camera for tourists.
20.3 MegaPixel, 4K video, autofocus, 30x zoom to take great landscape photos.
In addition, 180 degree flip-front display touch screen to make great selfie photos with the landscape behind you. Plus, "Post Focus" for in focus editing after shooting. Perfect to post on your blog or social media. Of course, as any good camera, a control ring for aperture, image stabilization, focus, shutter speed, and Wi-Fi to send images.


Net Neutrality Support

If you care about the Internet, note the date on your calendar July 12th, to protest . In my humble opinion, July the 14th would have been a better date, but July 12th is 5 days before the first deadline for comments on the proposal from the FCC to end net neutrality. A similar protest launched in 2014 forced the FCC to enforce net neutrality.

This is organized by the nonprofit organization Fight for the Future, more and more tech companies are signing up. The list includes Amazon, Reddit, Mozilla, Etsy.


LG ProBeam HF80JA

LG released a new laser projector, the LG ProBeam HF80JA

It is very bright wth 2000 lumen. and light, 2.1 kg. It can project images sizes up to 305 cm (120 in) and allows streaming from mobile or tablet, and can be connected via USB or Bluetooth. It can also be controlled via smartphone apps.


New Monster Headphones

New Monster iSport Freedom headphones now with tapping and swiping to play, pause, and volume control. Cool ! 😍