Why a Yatcht?

February 17, 2018

Why a yatcht, why bother with waves, weahter, sea currents when you can travel in a more relax way!

Furion based in Elkhart, Indiana Innovation Center and Institute of Technology in the US, and now in Hong Kong.

Lawn Mower Racing

February 15, 2018

"Win, lose or draw, if you bring your mower home in one piece it's a good night of racing."

The Mower-Plex in Avon Park, Florida is a race track built only for lawnmowers.

About Education - An Open Letter

February 13, 2018

I like to watch youtube clips a lot. Some are funny or amazingly beautiful and uplifting, others are interesting and instructive and other are not.
Some look puzzling at first, but are just a "click bait". To shock the viewer in order to create a lot of noise on the net and therefore to boost the number of viewers.
Sometimes it works (I won't give examples because I do not like this kind of badly sensational videos). And others totally fail in a miserable manner. Like this one. Published end of January, less than 21K views. So far, 30 up and 21 down.

This one is relatively unknown on the net and appalling.
So, why talk about it? To increase the number of viewers? NO !
Here is an institution I deeply respect, UCB the University of California, Berkeley.
Why would an associate professor, trying to make a point about expectation and passion suddenly unplug a MacBook from the projector to smash it on the floor ? Why ?
To publish a video on the net (by the way edited! although rather amateur!) in order to shock so everybody will talk on net about this associate professor!
Instead of smashing your MacBook, just next to Berkeley, in poor public schools in Oakland, in Richmond, etc. A lot of teachers would have loved to get your laptop !
So, now Mr. Associate Professor, when getting your next pay check, why not purchase laptops for poor kids in public schools?
That would be a better message about education, expectation and passion !